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At, we let your needs inspire us. Our goal is to support our clients through their journey to digitally transform their business using collaborative solutions. Using a distinct blend of digital technologies we create specific, intelligence-driven experiences to solve your business needs.

Our team of passionate engineers, coupled with our leading predictive analytics products and machine learning tools, provide us with the ability to build innovative and customized digital solutions.

Using Agile methodologies, we are well-equipped to develop, adapt, and test quickly to produce new deliverables within 8-10 weeks. We work closely with clients and ensure you are informed of our progress at each stage of development, which results in seamless and rapid integration.



Logos is a centralized entitlements management solution that connects existing applications and structures, providing the ability to easily manage user permissions from a single access point. Logos enables company users to delegate specific entitlements by product, function, user, and accounts. Using the comprehensive dashboard, Logos provides a single source of truth related to what a given user is entitled to do via open APIs resulting in increased workflow efficiencies.

How does Logos help?

  • It centralizes the management of entitlements at client organizational level (single user to multi-employee enterprise clients).
  • It then pushes them out to each application which needs to know what user is entitled to within a given enterprise.
  • It allows the a techops user to manage the structure via purpose built UI (e.g. add new nodes or node attributes on-demand). Instantly, new structure elements are available via all push mechanisms.
  • Dynamic entitlement structure management supplements business needs during new products launches, new features getting added to products, new user segments and fluid need of enterprise clients to setup their own way of entitlements in general!
  • API-First system has a robust set of APIs which expose foundational functions like managing entitlement structure, importing large datasets into structures to get/set entitlements across the organizational framework configured for each instance.
  • Admin UI support majority of features exposed via APIs.
  • Easily integrates with in-house SSO solution - custom integration.


talk-AI-tive focuses on understanding the contextual relationship and the nature of public’s reaction to global events. This is done by connecting published media with the reaction that the general public shares across various social networks and categorizing the participating public into communities based on the nature of their reaction.

Connecting and predicting these emotional and aspirational insights is critical in today’s hyper connected world which expects a more tailored experience.

We look to answer questions like:

  • For a marketing campaign manager, help better understand the diverse communities, their emotional reaction to campaigns and events globally, or as simple as what do people think about space travel?
  • For public services, understanding the contextual emotional reaction to a newly passed GST law.
  • For social services, to identify an emerging cyber bullying event on social media which can possibly lead to a tragedy.
  • For corporations, to better understand the various different communities which exist and the nature of attachment these communities have to their brand(s) e.g. hate our meat products because of high sodium content.


Sibyl is a profitability model, which uses predictive analytics to assess and recommend the next best action for individual clients. Based on the current product mix used by the client, Vatic predicts incremental fees and volume of transactions. It does so by utilizing information from revenue, transactions and CRM data sets. Armed with rich visualization, the model identifies patterns for channels, products, and client segments that lead to profitable outcomes and display predicted and actual revenue trends.



Mirai is a visual cash flow prediction model. It analyzes transactional data such as payments, payroll, and accounts receivables to generate cash flow predictions that highlight significant financial events. With a few simple steps, clients can gain better insights into their financials through the rich visualization and receive personalized recommendations to invest surplus cash or cover shortfalls.



Ora is an intelligent sentiment analysis and topic modelling dashboard that provides real-time information on customer conversations. Currently designed for Twitter , it is capable of sourcing acumen from any text-based data store. Ora generates powerful, actionable insights that can drive a range of business functions including sales, marketing, and operations.



(the same as server layer)

Exclusive access to search and explore our suite of published services, providing the ability to free your data with at-a-glance analytics and insights. We focus on fast, efficient API development with rapid delivery to market. talk-AI-tive (AI) and Logos (entitlements management) are two flagship products