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At Hiwave.io, we let your needs inspire us. Using a distinct blend of digital technologies, we create specific, intelligence-driven digital experiences to solve your business needs.

Our team of passionate engineers, coupled with the technical expertise leveraged from our unique partnership with IBM, provides the ability to build innovative custom solutions.

Hiwave is a Toronto-based company specializing in predictive analytics and customized machine learning solutions. From the financial services industry to automotive and manufacturing, we understand the technological challenges organizations are faced with today and we are eager to help our clients face them head on.

Our goal is to find a solution for key strategic challenges, using your internal data to derive actionable insights and apply them to simplify your internal processes and enhance your clients’ digital experience.


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  • Do you have a need to onboard clients faster?
  • Do you have a need to reduce operational risk as a
    result of incorrect client setup?
  • Do you currently go to multiple applications
    to setup granular entitlements for a
    single client?

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Management Platform


talk-AI-tive focuses on understanding the contextual relationship and the nature of public's reaction to global events. This is done by connecting published media with the reaction that the general public shares across various social networks, and categorizing the participating public into communities based on the nature of their reaction.